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Tefft Smith II


pre/post/vfx supervisor | digital ARTIST


Tefft Smith II is an experienced digital artist and supervisor who pursues projects and opportunities that challenge his creative talents and allow him to grow as an artist and a professional.


 Tefft has many creative credits in films, television and commercials, including: X-Men; Dark Phoenix, Kong; Skull Island, Downsizing, ALice through the looking Glass, Tomorrowland, World War Z, Battleship, Green Lantern, Passion of the Christ, all three "CSIs," "Bones," "Criminal Minds," Southland Tales, Next, "Fringe," "True Blood," Sicon 'Pure Price,' Pontiac 'Detail,' Need for Speed, 'the Chase.' 


After graduating in 1999 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in animation, design and photography from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Tefft refined his visual effects skills at Gnomon in Los Angeles, where he received one of the first Gnomon advanced computer animation certification. 

Tefft long ago founded T3fft llc through which he operates as an independent contractor for various animation boutiques and studios, creating and producing visual effects for movies, advertising and other media. The Visual Effects Society asked Tefft to produce and direct the VES' 2007 Awards show tribute to the 50 Greatest VFX Films and its 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award video honoring Steven Spielberg. Tefft recently formed Defiant Images with fellow artists to create and distribute original short films.  One of the shorts Defiant and Tefft produced -- Carolina Parakeet -- has been selected for screening at several independent film festivals, already winning one best picture award.  He has also Produced and developed the story The Smiling Man with writer director AJ Briones.  The Smiling Man has been selected by over 100 festivals around the world.  It has also won several awards and the biggest praise it received was being selected as one of the 10 shorts for SXSW.


Tefft has honed his visual effects skills and creativity working for a number of leading edge studios including Halon, Look Effects Inc., Zoic Studios, Gradient Effects LLC, The Aaron Sims Company, Star Dust and now Halon Entertainment.  Tefft taught visual effects courses at USC and was Gnomon's Director of Education from 2008 - 2010, working closely with and teaching many courses with Gnomon founder Alex Alvaraz and his colleague Darrin Krumweide. Tefft partnered with them  in establishing Gnomon Studios, which provides emerging directors to use Gnomon students, facility and others to produce animated shorts and other 3D visual effects based films.  At Pixomondo, Tefft is a previs/postvis/vfx supervisor on several feature films and commercials. 


 Tefft is passionate about creating imaginative, entertaining and effective visual effects and is dedicated to continuing to grow as a digital artist and professional.